Flexible and Modular Avionics

Aurora Avionics is accelerating the launcher industry with standardised and universal control systems.

Our flagship

Aurora Unified OBC

Utilising recent advances in Integrated Circuit fabrication, our OBC integrates multiple powerful computer processing systems and programmable logic.

Our software support tools allow the configuration and design of scalable, flexible, and reliable control systems through an intuitive interface.

Our hardware scales naturally with your launch vehicle requirements, and maximises your flexibility and agility through all stages of your campaign.

Our optional novel processing architecture is AI/ML ready, and can be re-qualified on demand, requiring minimal modification between designs.

Our Offering

On-Board Controllers for Launch Vehicles

We specialise in the development and manufacture of highly capable avionics systems for LVs. We accelerate your development and provide a competitive offering for future launch campaigns.

On-Board AI and ML for Launch Vehicles

Aurora Avionics is developing a novel and disruptive parrallel processing architecture for powering future missions with the latest Artificial-Intelligence and Machine-Learning advancements.

Custom Flight Hardware for Exotic Requirements

Do you have a novel technology which requires specialist hardware or control requirements? Aurora Avionics will tailor a competitive and bespoke hardware offering for your application.

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